About us

'Woodside metalworks' makes individual hand-crafted flowers made from copper, steel and painted steel, steel painted butterflys and floral arrangements.   Each of our items is hand cut and hand painted so each item has slight variations, creating that special and unique decorative item.

Please have a look at our wide selection of traditional designs in our shop.  We don't use stock photos and make to order, the items in our shop are already made and the images are of the item we will send to you. 

If you do not see exactly what you want on the website please  contact me and I will try and help.


Mick Robinson is the owner of Woodside Metalworks

Mick has always loved working in metal and has been involved in engineering since leaving school, many years ago.   Over the years he has worked on a variety of things, from manufacturing components for the oil industry, to being involved in the building and the overhaul of the first new build traditional steam locomotive in the 21st century.   All the work he has done required problem solving, thinking how to achieve the end result.

After years of commuting up and down the country, he is now spending more time enjoying his other passion, which is gardening.   Woodside Metalworks evolved from mixing his love of working in metal with the beauty of the flowers and fauna found in his own and other local gardens.  He has spent a considerable time developing his designs and manufacturing processes to make the unique products you can find on this website.